Thursday, February 13, 2014

Right Angle Rows Dishcloth Ver. 3

This is another version of the Right Angle Rows Dishcloth. This one is a combination of ridged rows and a sc, ch 1 pattern.

Yarn: As always with my crocheted dishclothes, I used a lighter weight cotton yarn as I find it easier to wring out than the thicker dishcloths made with the 4 ply cotton. But any weight of cotton will do as you can make the dishcloth as big or small as you want as indicated in the instructions below.

You can buy the perfect cotton yarn for crocheted dishcloths online at Yarnsbay! (Although at the time of posting this, the site is experiencing technical problems. When you place an order it will tell you that it doesn't ship to your location, when in fact they do as they have always shipped my orders before. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!) It is 100% cotton, lightweight (2 - fine), about half the thickness of standard cotton yarns. They are located in Ontario, Canada. They also ship to the U.S.
Hook: 4.0 mm

Abbreviations used:
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet     sctog - single crochet together
dctog - double crochet together

How to do the 3 sctog: insert into st, yarn over and pull up a loop, do the same in the next 2 sts, yarn over pull through all 4 loops on hook.

I think this pattern is fun in that every row gets shorter and faster to do.

I started with Ch 82 because I am user a lighter weight cotton yarn. (For different sizes with other weights of cotton, take the number of chs you normally start with, double that, add 3 for the center sts, add 1 for the turning ch.)

Click Here to get the Free Pattern....  RIGHT ANGLE ROWS DISHCLOTH VERSION 3.


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